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Long term car hire, contract car hire

Long term car hire is an extremely cost effective and convenient way of getting behind the wheel of a brand new car, but there are a number of different options to choose from depending on your circumstances. Our long terrm car hire offers aren’t only for businesses either, we get asked all the time about whether private long term car hire is something we provide and we’re just as happy to provide rental cars for business as we are to individuals.

With around 3,000 vehicles on fleet and offices in Wigan and Bolton, we have the best combination of low Northern Prices and friendly Northern service. We have customers all across the country though and can usually deliver to anywhere in mainland UK, so if you need long term car hire in London or Scotland etc we’re happy to accomodate.

What types of long term car hire are available?

There are a few different ways to hire a car for the long term (including one that’s technically not really car rental, but we’ll get to that), here they are:

  • Flexible Car Hire
  • 12 Month Car Hire
  • Fixed Term Car Hire
  • Contract Car Hire
  • Long Term Car Leasing

We’ve summarised each of these types below, to help you find the best long term car rental option for you, but if you’d like to go right ahead and make an enquiry, click one of these buttons to get in touch.

Flexible Car Hire

One of our most popular vehicle rental products and consequently available on the widest selection of our vans and cars for hire. Flexible hire, or ‘Flex-It 28’ as we call it, is a way to hire a car from as little as 28 days without contract or commitment. Essentially vehicles are hired in set blocks of 28 days. You pay a (refundable) deposit on your car and the cost of the next 28 days hire and then in 28 days time, you simply bring the car back and as long as it’s in the same condition it left us in and within the agreed mileage, you hand back the keys, get your deposit back and that’s it. The flexibility come into play if you decide you need to continue with the car hire for another 28 days. In which case, simple call us, pay and extend. Easy.
If you commit to multiple blocks at the start of the hire, each block will be cheaper and you still only pay every 28 days. Committing to 6 blocks gives you the very best price, you can continue to hire for more than six, but the price doesn’t get lower after that. (Sorry). Check out our flexible car hire page where you can work out a price for each vehicle based on predicted mileage and rental term.

12 Month Car Hire

As the name suggests, 12 month car hire is long term car hire that lasts just a year, we badge this as ‘Contract 12’ which makes it clear this is a version of contract hire that doesn’t last as long. If changing to a brand new car every year appeals to you, then this is a great option. If you only want a car for a year and no more, similarly so.

Whether you renew or not, the first month is a little more, but the remaining monthly car hire payments are usually a little lower than the very best flexible hire rate.

Fixed Term Car Hire

Fix-It is how we brand this rental product and it represents some of our best deals, strictly limited to a particular length of time. These fixed term car hire deals are usually (but not always) fixed at two years. In terms of monthly cost, they’re beaten only by contract hire and for most people reperesent a good balance of price and rental term length.

Contract Car Hire

Contract hire is probablt the best understood of our long term car hire products. Typically running for 3-4 years contract car hire involves a larger payment up front, followed by 35 or so low monthly payments. As with all the other options, there’s a mileage limit on the set prices, but if you know you’ll need more miles than the advertised ‘limit’ states, then we’re happy to put together a bespoke contract car hire plan together for you based on your specific needs.

Long Term Car Leasing

We said there there was a long term car hire option that wasn’t really car hire and that’s car leasing. In normal day do day speech, it’s common to hear car hire, car rental and car leasing used more or less interchangeably. In truth though, car leasing is more of a way to buy a car than hire it, but in practice it’s a way to purchase a vehicle. It IS however an option we offer, but because the vehicle will be sold at the end, we only offer leasing on vehicles which have come back from rental, typically around a year old. Essentially, there a large upfront payment, followed by exceptionally low monthly payments, but with an obligation to pay a balloon payment to finalise the purchase at the end. It’s closely related to PCP (personal contract purchase) which works the same way, except there’s an option to hand the vehicle back at the end of the agreement instead of paying the balloon. In this way it works almost the same as rental hence the confusion with long term car leasing and some of the other options!

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