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Fleet Rent Back – Boost Your CashFlow, We’ll Buy Your Fleet

Fleet Rent Back – Cut Your Costs Improve Your Cashflow

Operating a vehicle fleet can be a major financial headache. First of all there’s a collection of high value assets sat on your business’s balance sheet depreciating daily, then there’s the maintenance, the repair work and a number of other issues that come as part and parcel of running a vehicle fleet. That’s a lot of stress and cost to be dealing with, at a time when every penny and every minute counts for your business. What if there was a better way?


Cashflow; The Lifeblood of ANY Company

The current financial climate with all its uncertainties, has led to many a viable business struggling to survive. It’s been said that a lack of profit will kill a business eventually, but that’s a slow, protracted demise. A lack of cashflow however, that’s a quick death and a business that can’t pay its bills when they become due will quickly become unstuck, no matter how big the balance on its debtors ledger. You can’t spend money you’ve not yet been paid.

When faced with bills to pay, but customer invoices not yet settled, it’s vital to have a cash cushion to keep your business going in the interim.


A Painless Solution – It’s a no-brainer!

At Westwood, we can see the issues faced by businesses struggling to keep afloat in turbulent times and we’ve found a way to offer a lifeline. Doing what we do best, to help you and your business continue to do what YOU do best!

Introducing Fleet Rent Back from Westwood.


What is Fleet Rent Back? – A Way to Have Your Cake and Eat it!

You have a vehicle fleet because you need a vehicle fleet, but when your cashflow is tight, you also could do with having the cash tied up in those cars and vans available to you. With Fleet Rent Back from Westwood, you can have both. At a time when the dictionaries are about to add the word ‘cakeism’ to their pages, (describing a situation where two opposing options are both desired), we’ve only gone and found a way for you to have your cake AND eat it at the same time – so take advantage today!

Fleet Rent Back, essentially, is a way to instantly recoup the current market value of your entire vehicle fleet, but keep driving by renting a top of the range van from us, at our usual industry leading rates.

So why not go for it?  Swap new for old. Dispose of your fleet without hassle and then rent brand new, top of the range vehicles from us. The choice is yours!

The Advantages of Fleet Rent Back

  • Boost your cashflow
  • Release the cash tied up in your vehicle fleet
  • Get fair market rates for your fleet vehicles
  • Reduce the administrative burden of fleet management
  • Transform depreciating assets into tax deductible expenses
  • Stop losing money to depreciation


Call Westwood and Sell Us Your Fleet Today!

Every day that passes is a day your cashflow gets tighter and your fleet is worth a little less. Deal with both quickly, neatly and stress free with Fleet Rent Back from Westwood. A simple, elegant solution to a number of business headaches, it’s so straightforward, we think it’s a no-brainer!

Check out this fantastic offer on the All new Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive L2

Fleet Swap Vauxhall Vivaro L2 Sportive

Call us today, cut your costs and improve your cashflow with Westwood!

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